About Us

I can remember in third grade walking to the local library to read books and look at pictures of Bulldogs. My favorite was the English Bulldog. Ever since I was young I have had a love of these dogs. That passion stayed with me my whole life. It was always my dream to own a bulldog.

For my 24th birthday my wife decided that she wanted to buy me a bulldog puppy. I was very excited at the thought of owning my own bulldog.  My wife and I were also talking about starting a business out of our home. Something we could do together as a family and that she could work on during the summers when she was off from teaching 5th grade. It immediately hit us that we would breed these dogs that we loved so much.

So I started to look for a dog. As I researched the English Bulldogs all I came across was how many health problems they had. It seemed that it would be very difficult to start to bred these dogs as beginners and have to deal with all the health concerns. We had to worry about respiratory and reproductive problems. The vet bills would be outrageous after paying for the insemination and cesarean sections. We started to doubt the idea of breeding or even buying one of these dogs.

Then I came across the Olde English Bulldogge breed. It seemed like the best of both worlds. These dogges were bred to weed out all the problems that the traditional English Bulldogs had. The Olde’s were athletic, taller, skinner, free breeders, and free whelpers. I started to research more about these dogges and the more I read the more excited I became. I started to look at the different breeders and we found a great dog from a breeder who had the same goal as us. We wanted to have a athletic, taller dog with the English Bulldog face. This is what we strive to do in our breedings.

I will spare you the history of the Olde English Bulldogges and the standards by which they are judged. You can read more on that by clicking on the links to the right. I just want you to know that these dogges are a tremendous animal that have a great temperament and are a loyal companion.

We are a family operated Breeder. We love these dogges and they live in our house with us. We have a 1 year old son who loves Juno and she loves him.

I remember as we picked up Juno the breeders said to us “You are going to love these dogges.” He was right and I can promise you the same thing. So please take some time and browse through our website. If you have any questions please contact us. We are always happy to help.

Thank you,
The Gaddis Family

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